WatchBox Announces Participation in Dubai Watch Week

The leading pre-owned luxury watch platform will participate in the 4th edition of Dubai Watch Week with a dedicated WatchBox Lounge, pop-up WatchBox Studio, and series of horological activations.

Upon the occasion of Dubai Watch Week 2019, WatchBox, the world�s leading platform for pre-owned watches, will descend upon the Middle East with a dedicated environment to showcase and celebrate luxury pre-owned timepieces, and to engage with the global watch community in the spirit of �Innovation & Technology,� the theme of this year�s edition.

Dubai Watch Week 2019

Guests of Dubai Watch Week will be welcomed into a custom-designed WatchBox Lounge, positioned adjacent to the main brand exhibition hall, where they will explore a curated selection of pre-owned timepieces from WatchBox�s extensive global inventory. The company�s expert watch advisors will be on site to discuss the flourishing secondary watch market, offer an up-close, hands-on look at WatchBox�s product quality standards, and introduce a new experience in horological discovery � uniting interactive technology and multimedia with the �traditional� boutique environment. Throughout Dubai Watch Week, visitors will also have the opportunity to receive complimentary evaluations for their personal watches, and initiate conversations about the buying, selling, and trading of pre-owned timepieces.

Additionally, WatchBox will present a pop-up WatchBox Studio, where the cameras will be rolling all week long. The company�s media specialist, Tim Mosso, will be joined by the heads of WatchBox�s video production division to create original content, conduct interviews with industry luminaries and guests of Dubai Watch Week, and initiate a dynamic conversation about all things pertaining to the global watch community.

Signature programs of Dubai Watch Week include the Horology Forum, consisting of panels and keynote speakers, and Creative Hub sessions, during which insight, opinion, and horological expertise will be shared. Danny Govberg, CEO and Co-founder of WatchBox, is among the 2019 Horology Forum speakers, and will be discussing the changing climate of the luxury watch market as part of a forum titled �Six ways from certified and the wisdom to know your place.� He will also co-host a private Creative Hub session with Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi; and together, they will explore the evolving interests and needs of the modern watch consumer. Lastly, Tim Mosso will lead a lively interactive Creative Hub for watch enthusiasts, which will be open to the Dragon Pharma public, covering the impact of innovations in engineering, style, and online watch culture on the watch collecting landscape.

WatchBox Lounge

WatchBox is the world�s leading platform for the buying, selling, and trading of pre-owned luxury watches; fueled by technology, innovation, and unmatched global experience in the high-end watch market. With offices in the United States, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa, and plans to expand beyond, WatchBox is the trusted destination for watch enthusiasts worldwide.

Visit the WatchBox Lounge to explore a curated selection of pre-owned watches from the company�s $80 million global inventory, and engage with WatchBox�s expert advisors to learn more about the global pre-owned platform and the services available to watch enthusiasts worldwide.

WatchBox Studios

WatchBox Studios offers insight, opinion, and entertainment for watch novices and collectors alike. Through its three YouTube channels it provides the largest luxury watch video network in the world with live streaming programs, thousands of hands-on watch reviews, and professionally-produced original content.
Join us at Dubai Watch Week inside our pop-up WatchBox Studio or watch us on YouTube from wherever you are in the world and be a part of the action. Our editorial team will be interviewing industry luminaries and collectors, live streaming at events and seminars, and scouring the event for the latest industry news and happenings.

WatchBox will host Open Studio hours throughout Dubai Watch Week, welcoming visitors to participate in a series of communal questions that will be posed across its social media channels.

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About Horology Forum

The Horology Forum is an intellectual space comprised of free-flowing discussions between leading watch curators, pioneers, authors, historians, collectors, brands and industry professionals. This year marks the 5th edition dedicated to the transfiguration of horology under the theme �Innovation & Technology�, where attendees will observe informal conversations between linchpins of the industry, divulging their perceptions and rationalizations of the status quo and sharing their formative experiences that molded them into the revered figures we know today. Each panel will conclude with a 15-minute Q&A between the attendees and panelists.

Six Ways From Certified and the Wisdom to Know Your Place

Date: November 21, 2019 | Time: 3pm � 4pm

Open to the public

Luxury vintage, pre-owned marketplaces and the players that make the rules � whether they adhere to them or not. How do auction houses, certified dealerships and officially recognized entities face grey areas evaluated by that dangerous thing called subjectivity? What dangers do collectors and clients need to watch out for nowadays, following major problems such as well-done imitations that have slipped through the cracks even in legitimate institutions?

Let us define different �Gentlemen�s agreements� established between the different entities in the market playing field of luxury industries around the world. How are these agreements established and why? Do they differ from culture to culture? We will also address buying behavior: purchasing from certified sources vs grey market and the risks involved, including acquiring forged �Trojan horses� in reputable establishments. The question of publicly traded vs privately owned also plays a role in luxury marketplace maneuvering in these particular industries with subjective, malleable rules.

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Moderator: Ali Khadra; Founder and Publisher of Canvas and Sorbet magazines


  • Danny Govberg; CEO and Co-founder of WatchBox
  • Aline Sylla-Walbaum; Global Managing Director Luxury, Christie�s
  • Mishal Kanoo; Chairman of The Kanoo Group

About the Creative Hub

The Creative Hub promotes dialogues and conversations that are designed to foster creativity, champion innovation and celebrate the industry. The sessions cover a variety of topics devoted to sparking ideas and sharing information ranging from community-oriented talks to new product launches. Over the years, the Creative Hub has welcomed numerous limited-edition watch reveals, earning itself the position of being the only event outside of the renowned SIHH and Baselworld fairs to host international launches.

Watch Collecting in an Era of Innovation

Date: November 21, 2019 | Time: 10am�11am

Open to the public

Join Tim Mosso, Watch Specialist and Media Director at WatchBox – the global platform for buying, selling, and trading luxury pre-owned timepieces, as he leads a lively interactive forum for watch enthusiasts. Topic includes the impact of innovations in engineering, style, and online watch culture on the watch collecting landscape.

Tim will go beyond the watch �spec sheets� and bring his in-depth insight, opinion, and humor to this unique Creative Hub. We invite you to join this interactive exploration of technology, community, and common ground for luxury watch devotees.

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About Dubai Watch Week

Dubai Watch Week is a global platform dedicated to the preservation of watchmaking culture and heritage by creating one of the largest non-commercial events for the international watch community. Founded in 2015 by Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, the event provides an intimate environment for collectors, brands, watchmakers and members of the media to interact and share knowledge.

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